Way Too Long of a Hiatus

I swear, every time I try a new project, life decides to hand me a ridiculous amount of stuff to do. Thank you, blizzard, for making it stop.

So it’s Lent and I’m not doing well with my Lenten promise/sacrifice…but I have the meat thing down. But yeah, I didn’t realize my sacrifice would be so hard, so I guess I picked a good thing, but I don’t keep up with it. My temper has been not-so-famtastic lately so for Lent, every time I think something snarky or rude about someone (I almost never say anything like that about someone), I need to sat a prayer for thrm on the spot and it needs to be genuine. Not too terrible, right?

Well let me tell you, everyone and their mother has been tap dancing on my last nerve and I don’t even know why. I haven’t been keeping up with the prayer part as much but I still chastise myself for being so impatient. I wonder why I’ve been so quick to anger lately. Maybe it’s stress? I hope everyone else’s sacrifices for Lent are going better than mine.


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