It’s Open

The show I was working on opened a couple days ago. Thank goodness. Don’t get me wrong, I loved working on it and everyone in the cast is sweet as pie (save for one odd ball whom I can’t quite figure out), but I am tired. I missed teaching my seventh graders for dress rehersal, which was probably a good thing. I’ve discovered that they don’t know the Old Testament…at all. Like, they couldn’t name Abraham and Moses without prompting at all. It was a rough day when I found that out. So, the little break was nice and very welcome.

Now, I can’t help thinking about what’s going to happen to these kiddos. With the show, I knew when my part was over, it was going to thrive and be awesome. Plus, I’m at that theatre every week, so if something happens, I’ll be there to fix it and pitch in. With these kids…it’s really different. I’m doing what I can and it’s not much. Once my time with them is over, I have to send them ahead, knowing that they’re still behind and they’re not going to thrive unless there’s a major catharsis. And chances are that there will be no such thing, at least within the time frame I’ll be in their lives. That doesn’t sit well with me but I don’t know how to fix it. I’ve been asking God for guidance but His answers are pretty vague right now. I just hope the eureka comes soon, for their sake, not mine.


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